Wartburg West full for winter and summer 2015

Wartburg West students Katie Wyman (left) and Sara Morrissey on top of Mt. Evans summit in Colorado.— Submitted photo
Wartburg West students Katie Wyman (left) and Sara Morrissey on top of Mt. Evans summit in Colorado.— Submitted photo

Wartburg West is full for the 2015 Winter Term and Summer Term, with as many as four students on the waitlist for the summer.

Jo Dorrance, Wartburg’s on-campus liaison to Wartburg West, credits this to the level of success Wartburg West has and how much the students that went there love it.

“Students that have attended Wartburg West after hearing it from me or a fellow student come back and tell me it was one of the best things they’ve done while they’ve been at Wartburg,” Dorrance said.

Heading to Wartburg West for the upcoming winter semester, current student Tyler Salzwedel said he heard about the reputation Wartburg West has with students.

He said he realized that for his social work major, going to Wartburg West made sense.

Salzwedel wanted to go to Wartburg West for a couple years, and finally found a time that he could get in the program.

“I’m not surprised it gets full so fast,” Salzwedel said. “Denver offers such a different feel than Waverly does. For social work, I can do more things in a bigger city. … Wartburg West offers that,” Salzwedel said.

Founded in 1985, Wartburg West started when former President Robert L. Vogel and the college decided Wartburg needed to give students other options besides studying abroad to go into a different setting and have new experiences, Dorrance said.

Dorrance also said Wartburg West offers internships in over 100 different majors, and that regardless of the major a student is studying, an internship can be found for them.

Students also take religion, IS and leadership classes as well.

The classes in Denver pertain specifically to issues in Denver, Dorrance said.

For example, religion courses involve learning about the religions of Denver immigrants and the leadership class focuses on urban lifestyle, something you won’t get in Waverly, she said.

April Magneson went to Wartburg West last summer, and said the trip was all about the new experiences that Wartburg West could offer, outside of her comfort zone of Waverly.

“I had my own apartment and independence and I had a great internship at Denver Health Hospital,” Magneson said. “Denver is a city of adventure. I wanted to get some great experience in the medical field and I wanted to have some fun while doing that as well.”

Independence is one reason Dorrance said Wartburg West is so popular. Dorrance said while everyone at Wartburg West lives in the same building, they all have their own apartments. They have an extremely loose schedule, apart from their internship and their classes.

While the 2015 Winter Term and Summer 2015 Term are full, Dorrance said that the Fall Term of 2016 is still open, with only about seven or eight people signed up, out of a maximum 20 person limit.

Sign-up for the fall 2015 ends in February, Dorrance said.

For those interested in Wartburg West, the next informational meeting will be Tuesday, Nov. 4 in McCoy East at 7 p.m.

Bonita Bock, the co-director of Wartburg West, will run the meeting.

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