Wartburg’s Intramurals starts new season

Wartburg's Intramurals will start their winter season of sports with indoor volleyball and five on five basketball.
Wartburg’s Intramurals will start their winter season of sports with indoor volleyball and five on five basketball.

Wartburg Intramurals, on campus, will be starting the winter section of their sports, with indoor volleyball and five on five basketball.

Alyssa Edwards, one of the individuals who has kept stats, said the program is trying to start over and get more organized.

“Flag football was a really big success. We’re starting to do more tabling to get more people involved and for freshman to know what intramural sports are,” Edwards said.

Mark Schulz has competed in various intramural sports for the past two years and said that he has never had a problem with the way things were ran.

“Whenever I would show up to an event, everything was already ready for us. The officials and stat keepers kept the game running fast, and you couldn’t even notice a sense of disorganization,” Schulz said.

Schulz said he is looking forward to this upcoming season of intramural sports, and hasn’t had any problems with registering his team or with the IMLeagues website in general.

Students can use the IMLeagues website to register their teams, and can also use the website to check the teams schedule, their teams record along with other teams records.

Will McDonald intramural sports manager, said there were over 200 people signed up for the fall season of intramural sports.

McDonald also said there are going to be some changes with people being schedules and trained properly.

McDonald hopes that these changes will result a higher satisfaction for the participants.

“The goal is to get as many people as we can signed up, and to make sure everything runs as smoothly as it should.” McDonald said.

Brett Ladoux, a player and referee for intramurals, said he hasn’t had to deal with any physical fights, but has dealt with students talking back after a controversial call.

“People can get pretty intense with close games, so you hear some foul language. As a ref, you just have to be confident in the calls that you make.”

Ladoux participates in soccer and track for Wartburg, and said that playing intramural sports allow him to gain a different perspective about athletics in college, where he doesn’t have to take them so serious.

“The best thing about intramural sports is being able to continue playing sports that you love to play, with enough competition where it’s still competitive, but also where it’s lighthearted enoughfor everyone to have a lot of fun,” Ladoux said.

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