New choir on campus

Rosenchor is an all-female group new to Wartburg’s campus. They have been learning new songs for their performances in the Cedar Valley — Submitted photo

A new choir has been created on campus.

Rosenchor, which means rose choir in German, is a small chorale group of 12 women who are all members of the St. Elizabeth Chorale.

Dr. Karen Black, St. Elizabeth Chorale director, wanted to form the group because it provided new opportunities for some of her singers.

“The smaller group can do some interesting literature that the larger group cannot do,” Black said.

“Either because it’s not appropriate for a large group or because we don’t have the time to learn it.”

Black also said it lets students have leadership roles as well.

Andrea Weiss was elected president of Rosenchor and also influenced the decision to form the group.

Weiss said the St. Elizabeth Chorale typically has fairly short concerts, so she thought adding a small ensemble would help lengthen their concerts. She took her idea to Black, who encouraged her to start the group at the beginning of the winter semester.

Weiss said they are currently in the process of becoming an official student organization.

“Our goal for the rest of the year is to build off our repertoire,” she said.

“We only know a few songs because we’re new, so we just want to learn as many songs as we can. We also want to establish a name for ourselves on campus.”

Members of the choir had to audition for a spot in Rosenchor. Black said she selected the women with the help of Dr. Lee Nelson. She said around 20 women auditioned and she chose 12.

Black hopes Rosenchor will remain as a subset of St. Elizabeth’s to help fill out the program.

“There’s at least one piece that St. Elizabeth’s is doing where there’s a section for a small ensemble to do. So Rosenchor is doing that,” she said.

“Beyond that, it’s really what the students want to make of it.”

Weiss said for now the group is setting their foundation for the upcoming years. They’ve been picking out music, setting a dress code and writing a constitution.

She’s also been scheduling performances for the year and making contacts in the community.

Black said she is excited to see how the group grows.

They started rehearsals in February and Black was impressed with their progress.

“I was really pleased with what they accomplished in a very short amount of time. They’re clearly hard working and committed to the musical excellence of the group,” Black said.

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