A cappella groups bring new sounds to campus

Infinity arranges their own music. — Emily Novotny/TRUMPET

Music is always fillingthe halls of the Fine Arts Center. Wartburg is home to several music groups including two a cappella groups.

Festeburg and Infinity help bring a cappella to Wartburg.

“Festeburg’s main focus is on classical a cappella music. Infinity is a mixed group, with anywhere from 8-12 members I believe. Their main focus for music is pop and songs that are heard on the radio,” Ryan Harms, Festeburg member said.

Harms said Festeburg is an all male group formed five to six years ago by a group of guys that just wanted to hang out and sing.  When it was first formed, Festeburg was an extension of the Wartburg Choir. However, this group is now its own organization.

“We still maintain the core values of the group that have been in place since the beginning,” Harms said.

Infinity is the other a cappella choir on campus. This choir consists of Wartburg Choir members. When arranging music, each Infinity members contributes in some way, Kevin Schneider, Infinity member said.

“Infinity members have a passion for singing pop music and entertaining those who enjoy unique and fun arrangements of familiar songs,” Schneider said.

Harms said in order to join Festeburg, applicants need to be second year or higher and part of Ritterchor.

Auditions are held in the spring and veteran members pick the new members.

Infinity auditions are open to any Wartburg Choir member Schneider said.

Infinity puts on a Valentine’s Day concert and Festeburg has a December concert.

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