A Guide to The Modern Vampire

Dr. Erika Lindgren’s interest in the television show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” inspired her to recently start the extended learning course on Vampires at Wartburg College called “The Guide to Vampires”. The first session was on Nov. 1 and the following sessions and will continue every Thursday until the end of the month.

During these courses her students explore why vampires exist. She said  that vampires were created to explain the unexplainable. Erika Lindgren has taught an IS 101 course for six  years about Buffy and decided it was time to use her research on vampires for  a different audience.

“Once I was aware of the scholarships out there I realized that it would be a way to expose students to well written television as a text, the same way you apply analysis to written words. You can also do to something you see on the screen,” said Dr.Lindgren.

Lindgren submitted a proposal last spring to the Keep on Learning Committee to teach a course called “A Guide to the Modern Vampire.”  The  keep  on  learning  course was designed  to   for older adults and grandparents to learn  about the  history  of  vampires.

“The students like vampire maybe I can explain to grandparent why their children love Twilight.”

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