December grads prepare for future

Rob Rottler returned to one final season with the Wartburg Football Team. Now that the season is done, he will be graduating in December. —Marketing and Comm.

As the first week after Thanksgiving break came to a close, Wartburg students began to prepare for finals.

However, for a select group of students, their days at Wartburg are coming to a close as 30 students graduate Dec. 10.

Students have many reasons for choosing to graduate in December. Rob Rottler said that December Commencement allowed him to play football in the fall and finish up an endorsement. Karolina Paulsen, on the other hand, had a semester’s worth of credits when she arrived at Wartburg.

“If I had really planned carefully, I’m sure I could’ve squeezed a minor in, but I opted to just focus on Biology,” Paulsen said.

There are many preparations students have to take in order to take part in December Commencement.

In addition to preparing for finals, students must be prepared for life after college.

Some students, such as Paulsen, will attend graduate school, while others, such as Rottler, will enter the workforce.

However, with December Commencement comes difficult decisions. Paulson was forced to decide between graduating a semester early and playing in her senior lacrosse season. Even though she won’t be on the field, she still plans on supporting the lacrosse program.

“In my dreams, I make a bunch of money, then donate lights to the lacrosse field,” Paulsen said.

“For now, I’m going to be a loving Wartburg Lacrosse fan and a regular at alumni games.”

Both Paulsen and Rottler said they were sad their time at Wartburg is coming to a close, but were grateful for the opportunities.

“It has been an unforgettable experience,” Rottler said. “It is the perfect place for me and it has given me many opportunities to succeed in the future.”

Rottler added that he is still trying to prepare for life after college, but he views it as a challenge he is ready to take on. Paulsen, on the other hand, is trying to soak in all the experiences she can in her final few days.

“I take an extra deep breath each time the Nestle factory is blowing chocolate air,” Paulsen said. “This semester has gone by the fastest. It’s not fair.”

December Commencement will take place on Sunday, Dec. 10 in the Wartburg Chapel at 10:30 a.m.

A reception will follow in the lobby of the Bachman Fine Arts Center.

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