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A tennis player with little free time

“Free time” is a phrase that doesn’t fit in Brandon Hornback’s dictionary. Hornback, a junior tennis player at Wartburg, also works in the athletics laundry room and strings rackets for his teammates and for members of the community.

And since student-athletes at Wartburg are stressed the importance of being students first and athletes second, Hornback’s schedule also has to fit in academics alongside his athletics and work schedules.

“Time management has been a real big thing once the season starts here, so with my class schedule I’ll just try to find time in the mornings a lot. I get up in the morning to do my homework and things like that,” Hornback said.

And with tennis practices going until 6:30 pm, and shifts in the laundry room sometimes going until four in the morning, Head Tennis Coach Mike Strydom has no idea how Hornback can keep up with it all.

“During peak season he’s probably washing, hanging, and drying 700 loops on top of all of his workout schedules, on top of his full class schedules, on top of his tennis workout schedule. And so, the guy’s a machine, I don’t know when he sleeps or when he does it, but it’s pretty amazing,” Strydom said.

And despite his busy schedule, Hornback still manages to maintain a grade point average of above a 3.0, which he attributes to his upbringing. Hornback says the work ethic his parents instilled in him ever since he was young is the reason he continues to succeed.

Fellow tennis player Carly Sis has also been impressed with Hornback, saying the things he does outside of practice and work are enough for two people.

“He strings our rackets too, for everybody on the team, and that can take a half hour per racket. And he’s also in the [Student-Athlete Advisory Committee] as the men’s tennis representative too. It’s crazy, and somehow he manages to get it all done,” Sis says.

Hornback’s commitment to do everything he can possibly do is one of the reasons Coach Strydom named him as one of the captains this year, and also one of the reasons Hornback plays one singles and one doubles for the team as well.

“The main thing is I just try to do whatever I can as best as I can, and it usually works out for me.”

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