Academic Incentive Program helps gives students motivation to study

Student work Terri Mueller (left) helps Corina Devine with homework questions. Helping students study is part of the Academic Incentive Program at Wartburg. Erin Ridgeway/TRUMPET

Students living in Clinton Hall and Centennial Complex who participate in the Academic Resource Center/Academic Incentive Program not only get help with their homework but are also put in a drawing to win prizes, including a TV, at the end of the semester.

Although the number of people attending is larger than in prior years, according to Residence Hall Director Derek Gainsforth, he said he would like the number to increase.

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“The Academic Resource Center has been here for a few years,” Residence Hall Director Derek Gainsforth said.  “We usually see higher or lower number depending on when midterms and things like that are but this year it’s been pretty constant.”

The Academic Resource Center, ARC, is held three nights a week in Clinton Hall and the Centennial Complex for two to three hours by two student coordinators for students living in those residence halls.  The coordinators are chosen in part because of their academic standing.

Teri Mueller is the student ARC Coordinator for the Centennial Complex.  She spends a few nights a week in Volmer lounge helping the residents of the Complex with their homework.

“It provides another avenue of support for students who want to excel in their academics.  Wartburg is really great about offering different options,” Mueller said.

The ARC has three to four students who come to get homework advice every night, which is almost double that of years past.  The students who attend the ARC for assistance often come back, according to Gainsforth.  According to first year Volmer resident Audrie Aden, she can tell the difference in her classes and said she appreciates Mueller’s help with her music therapy homework.

“Since the first time I’ve came here I struggled with answering questions, but the more I come in here the better I write my answers,” Aden said.

The Academic Incentive Program is part of the Academic Resource Center.  Students living in Centenial Complex or Clinton can get tutoring help with the ARC student coordinator and bring back their grade to be put into the prize drawing.

Residence hall floors can win movie nights, spaghetti suppers, cookies and brownies if their floor members participate.

“We just want to make sure that we’re helping students succeed.  When you come to college you don’t have your parents here or family, you can’t put your ‘A’ grade paper on the fridge.  This is a way to help promote them to be feeling well about school,” Gainsforth said.

“We want to make sure in their first year they’re hitting the ground running and really being successful.”

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