Alumni ‘come home’ for homecoming

Homecoming weekend brings hundreds of alumni, family and friends to campus to participate in reunions, the parade, the football game and endless other activities.

As an event-planning intern in the Alumni Office, Homecoming is very important to me.

Homecoming is my favorite time of year.

During this time we are so busy with the hustle and bustle of planning the events it feels like Christmas.

I am able to talk with alumni from all over the country, inform and excite students about the activities of Homecoming week and organize more black and orange beads than anyone should need to handle.

This year’s theme, True Life: I’m a Knight, captures the true meaning of being part of the Wartburg family.

Being knighted by President Colson is not the only necessary task for becoming a knight.

Another task is to show campus who you are as a person and get involved.

Once you are involved and embody Wartburg Spirit then you truly become a Knight.

True Life: I’m a Knight showcases the talents and interests of all Wartburg Knights, past and present.

Rachel Ellefson, a member of the Homecoming committee, enjoys how everyone on campus has a different definition of being a Knight.

“During one of our Homecoming committee meetings we brought items to represent our different activities and interests. It was cool to see how each of us is involved in different activities but come together as a committee passionate about Wartburg.”

True Life: I’m a Knight is a theme all ages can relate to, especially the alumni who come back to campus as Knights of the real world.

The alumni come back to campus looking forward to being a part of old traditions, seeing old friends and seeing all the new faces on campus.

“Homecoming is my favorite time of the year, so I really enjoy every part of Homecoming,” Renee Voves, associate director of Alumni/Parent Relations said.

“If I had to pick one that I really enjoy it would be seeing all the alums that come back to reconnect with the college and each other.”

Personally, my favorite part of Homecoming is Kastle Kapers.

I may be biased because I am on the committee for the event but this year’s show will be great.

There is so much talent on this campus and student Homecoming committee works to show the alumni how talented the present knights are.

Members of the Homecoming committee work hard to create an experience full of fun for everyone.

Student Homecoming committee is in charge of planning the parade, the Renaissance Fair, Oktoberfest, Kastle Kapers and the Pep Rally.

All of these activities make “coming home” very special for the alumni, because they are able to be  part of Wartburg once again.

On behalf of the Homecoming committee, I encourage everyone to live their true life as a Knight and take the time to engage with alumni and participate in the Homecoming activities.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities the week provides.

Happy Homecoming 2012!

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