Annual flu shot provides protection for Wartburg Community

Christine Devires assistant professor of chemistry, was one of many to get an annual flu shot from Noah Clinic. — Emily Novotny/ TRUMPET

The 74 students that received a flu shot at Noah Health Clinic Tuesday and Wednesday took the first step in preventing the virus.

Victoria Aissen, a nurse at the flu shot clinic, said a flu shot is needed annually.

“Because the flu is a virus and viruses mutate, viruses change, it’s not the same virus every single year,” she said.

Production of this year’s flu vaccine began last year when researchers made predictions about which strains would be the worst, Aissen said.

The vaccine this year contains three different strains, including H1N1. The flu vaccine is for the respiratory flu and does not prevent against stomach flu, she said.

Aissen said one of the biggest factors preventing students from getting vaccinated is that they do not like needles. If students are uncomfortable with shots, they can get a flu mist vaccine instead.

Thomas Perkins, said he does not like needles.

“I have never gotten a flu shot before, no reason to get one now. And I’ve never really had the flu before, so I’m not worried about it,” Perkins said.

Although there have been no documented cases of the flu this season, Aissen said that prevention is key.

Good sanitation techniques during the peak flu season and a vaccine before can help prevent students from getting the flu.

“Anytime you have a vaccine that can prevent a disease or an illness, that’s obviously going to be better than getting the illness and having to fight it off,” she said.

Brandon Flenor said he got the vaccine as a safeguard against the flu, and because the basketball coaches asked him to.

“They don’t want you getting anyone else on the team sick,” he said.

The flu shot contains dead viruses of all three strains that your body can then use to build antibodies to fight a later infection.

Some side effects such as soreness at the injection site can occur, Aissen said, but students will not get the flu from the vaccine.

Anthony Melvin, also got a flu shot this year, but wasn’t sure if he would get one after he left Wartburg.

“I don’t like shots,” Melvin said, “and I think getting them is out of my way.”

Although there is not another flu clinic scheduled for this year, students can still receive the vaccine by calling or stopping at Noah Health Clinic and signing up for an appointment.

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