Art lab moves to new studio in FAC

The new art lab is equipped with more computers and the lab will hold classes such as photography. — Emily Novotny/ TRUMPET

The Wartburg College Art Department gave their graphic design lab a new home on the main floor of the Fine Arts Center this past summer.

After presenting a proposal to the school during the last academic year, the department decided to move the lab out of the basement of the Fine Arts Center and into an art studio. The budget for the entire project was approximately $20,000.

The new space includes a pin board wall, more computers for students to work on and a new ventilation system. The lab will be used for classes such as Graphic Design, Photography and Communication Design.

Assistant Art Professor David Herwaldt said one of the main reasons for the change is because the space was too small. Issues such as not enough critique space and not enough computer space for his students made teaching much harder for him, he said.

“It was amazing how inefficient the room downstairs was,” Herwaldt said.

Additional changes to the space include a new wall built between the front and back of the room and adding a new art classroom directly next to the art lab. The old lab location will now be used as a work room with cutting boards and copy stands for students.

The physical divide between the design classes and the traditional art classes also became a main component to the transformation. Herwaldt said that he wants all areas in the art department to come together as one and work with one another.

“I feel both branches of the art department have a lot to share and by bringing them together, we have a real sense of connections,” Herwaldt said.

Herwaldt said he enjoys the ability to move around and work with his students in a more comfortable, practical space.

“I like it a lot,” Herwaldt said. “It doesn’t feel like a dungeon.”

For students like Danielle Miller, the feeling is mutual. The fourth-year Communication Design major hopes potential Wartburg students enjoy the luxury of the new classroom.

“It’s just cleaner, nicer and easier to present and work in,” Miller said. “I think students will like that.”

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