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Athletic teams using more social media

Wartburg athletic teams are using social media as a tool to better communicate with fans.

Head football coach Rick Willis said he knows the team has a Facebook page but he really doesn’t use it himself.

“I let the assistant coaches handle that,” he said.

The idea of being able to use Facebook as a tool for recruiting is a very good one, but contacting a player via Facebook or Twitter is a violation of NCAA recruitment rules.

That is why head soccer coach Tiffany Pins said she doesn’t really use Facebook for much more than posting stats, results, and awards the team has.

“The risk isn’t worth the reward,” she said. “If a recruit looks at our page and likes it, that’s fine but we will not talk to them online.”

Head basketball coach Dick Peth said his assistant coach Jason Steege is the one in charge of the teams Facebook page and Twitter account. The basketball team does much more than post stats and awards.

“We will tweet out links to the listen live links, links to the game summaries [sports information director] KatieJo [Kuhens] writes, and out of season general Wartburg events like football and track events,” Steege said.

Steege said that he will make tweets very short and go into depth about things when he posts to the team’s Facebook page.

Although the women’s soccer team doesn’t use social media as a tool for recruiting players, Steege said they follow high school coaches, AAU basketball programs and different recruiting websites.

“It’s a way for us to see how different players we are interested in are doing without directly contacting them,” Steege said.

“It has definitely changed how we recruit, but it also acts as a window for people to look into our program.”

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