Battle of the Bowlers

Many people have grown up with the Waverly Bowl Inn, which has been a staple of the community and serving since the 1950’s.

For the last thirteen years though, the alley has been taken care of by husband and wife team Keith and Mary-Anna Benton. With it just being the two of them most of the time Mary-Anna Benton said it can cause a lot of stress for them, trying to run the alley.

“It’s a lot of long hours, it’s a lot of hard work, but there’s a lot of reward that goes with it too. But it’s a challenging, challenging job for sure,” Mary-Anna Benton said.

Aside from just the bowling, the alley also has a game section and a full service restaurant, which Mary-Anna Benton said is really the hidden gem of the place.

The alley runs multiple weekly leagues, but one of the most popular ones is the Service Industry Party, or SIP, League. The league is a competition between local bars and restaurants. It was created in the Fall of 2015 and since the start, the number of teams participating in the league has more than doubled.

The league has gotten so big over the last couple of years that bowlers were willing to even brave a snowstorm to compete on Sunday, Mar. 12.

Currently, the Dirty Dog is the three time defending champion and bartender/bowler Danielle Cardella said the competition between the teams this year is fierce.

“It’s pretty competitive, everyone’s out to get us because we’re three time champions and no one else has won,” Cardella said.

SIP League competition began back in February and will continue into the month of April. The Dirty Dog was in fourth place as of the beginning of play on Mar. 12, they have some ground to make up in order to retain the trophy.

Moving on into the future, Mary-Anna and Keith Benton both want to keep competition going, but Mary-Anna Benton said it’s not just up to them.

“If the community supports us, we are always going to be here for sure, but you know just with everything you need to be supported by those people around you,” Mary-Anna Benton said.

Mary-Anna Benton also said that she feels like sometimes the alley is overlooked in the Waverly community and would really like to see that change in the future. Until then, the Waverly Bowl Inn will continue to serve customers that want a night out at the local bowling alley.

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