Beck leaves Pathways

Kelly Beck
Kelly Beck

The Pathways Center is looking for a new member of the staff as Kelly Beck has left for another job after spending four years at Wartburg as an Academic Success associate.

Jette Irgens, assistant director of Pathways Center, said it will be hard to replace someone as devoted as Kelly Beck.

“She was always going above and beyond, she cared immensely for students’ well-being and their academic success,” Irgens said.

“We are happy for her that she found a job. But along with the students, we will miss her.”

Beck’s last day at Pathways was on Wednesday, Oct. 7, and for the time being her duties will be split among the other staff members at Pathways.

Irgens said the staff members are prioritizing their schedules to meet with the students that need accommodations.

Irgens said Pathways is looking for someone who knows the legislation that they are required to meet at the college and all the different pieces of legal concern.

“Are we excited about finding someone? Yes,” She said.

“Are we doing our very best to find a qualified person? Yes. We will make sure that spot is filled with someone who fits the criteria we have at Pathways.”

Irgens said she wants students to know that even with Beck gone, all the services that she provided are still available and are spread out among the Pathways staff.

Those services include testing services, language services and exam preparation.

Beck, who graduated from Wartburg in 2004 with a B.A. in psychology, also served as a co-adviser to Wartburg Alliance.

Derek Solheim, Director of Pathways Center for Career Services, said they are in the process of finding a replacement.

Solheim said they have reviewed the position description and the request has been approved.

The job-opening has now been posted on some national, regional and local job boards.

Pathways is in the process of gathering applicants for the job and they’ll move forward with reviewing and identifying some candidates. “We are hoping to find a qualified candidate in the next 60 days,” Solheim said.

“Kelly did so much here, she helped develop individual academic success plans and helped students immensely.”

Beck has reached out to students that she has had interactions with to inform them about her job move.

“We are meeting individually with students that Kelly met with on a regular basis and we are trying to provide the services and resources they might need now that she is gone,” Solheim said.

“She was a tremendous colleague and someone that we will miss at Pathways and I’m sure students feel the same way,” Solheim said.

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