Big Dream Gathering

Mitch Matthews will be hosting and speaking at the Big Dream Gathering at Wartburg College.— Submitted photo.

Growing up most children were told to write down or draw out their dreams and aspirations for the future.

Once a person grows into an adult he or she can forget to keep dreaming, which is where Mitch Matthews’ Big Dream Gathering can be beneficial.

Wartburg is hosting a Big Dream Gathering on Feb. 20 and registration will start at 6:15 p.m.

The event will give Wartburg students and community members a chance to share and find out what their dreams are.

Matthews created the event in 2006 by what he calls a “happy accident.”

Matthews was enduring difficulty in an entrepreneurial endeavor and realized he needed help leaving that particular dream and starting a new one.

To help him realize his dream he decided to also help his friends create and live out their dreams.

The first Big Dream Gathering”was held in the Matthews’ family living room and consisted of 29 people.

What was supposed to go for a couple of hours on a Tuesday night, ended up going for a week with more and more people attending and writing down their dreams and posting them on the Matthews’ walls.

“We got help with our dreams and a bunch of other people got help with their dreams too but the biggest thing was that people kept telling us thank you for giving us the opportunity to just dream,” Matthews said.

The event eventually grew from just being held once a year in Des Moines to the “dream team” traveling all over the country to hold dream gatherings and helping others realize their dreams.

The latest Big Dream Gathering was held in Kansas.

At the event people are welcome to post their dreams and share with others at the event but Matthews also tells stories of people who were able to achieve their dreams.

“I do that for a couple of different reasons; one, to inspire people but to also get them to think about their own dreams,” Matthews said.

“A lot of people who come don’t know what their dreams are and come to the Big Dream Gathering to sort that out.”

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