Bill Clinton supports Bruce Braley

Democrats held a fundraiser in Waterloo the Saturday before elections that doubled as one last rally for Bruce Braley for Iowa senate. The theme of the event was “Braley, Blues, and BBQ” having a meal and a live band included with tickets.

Braley spoke as well as Senator Tom Harkin and Previous President Bill Clinton.

Harkin and Clinton spoke praises for Clinton as well as poking fun at republican candidate Joni Ernst and her campaign commercials. Clinton also spoke about what he hopes for in terms of the future of the country in terms of veterans, students, agriculture, among other things.

Braley spoke to a large crowd about how “Bruce Braley is your friend.”

The winner of the close race between Braley and Ernst took over Harkin’s seat and would help determine control of the senate.¬†Ultimately Ernst came out with the victory Tuesday with Iowa being one of the curtail races to determine the republicans taking over senate.

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