Black History Month starts with Blackout Day

-Michelle Johnson/TRUMPET

Black History Month organized by the Black Student Union started on February 1. with Blackout Day.

Blackout Day was on the first day of the month and people could choose to wear all black.

Chair of the Black History Committee Kyera Love said that with this event they wanted to show they are free.

Black History Month happens every February. This event has been organized since the BSU was created.

It is a month where students have the opportunity to learn more about black history and participate in different events.

This month is BSU’s significant month, Love said.

BSU and Student Body President Naomi Alene said this month is a way for African Americans to show how proud they are of their culture.

“Black history is often times overlooked when considering American history, and this month is a month to celebrate black history,” Alene said. “It’s a huge learning and growing opportunity.”

Love said there are some events that are traditions of the Black History Month, but as well as some that get added each year.

“The table of love is a tradition. The table of love is where we’ll pass out candy and hearts where you can write comments and spread the love,” Love said.

Other events students can expect during February are a discussion panel, skating, poetry night, candlelight dinner, taste of soul and more.

The month will end with a movie screening of the Black Panther which is the first African American superhero movie.

The candlelight dinner is another traditional event which happens toward the end of the month.

Students have the opportunity to get together and talk about the importance of black history, Love said.

Aside from the events, Love said there will be poster boards throughout each department of African Americans that are important within that department.

The preparations for the Black History Month started in late December.

Love said there are around 10 people on the committee and the preparations went great.

She said the planning has been really fun because they are all friends and enjoy what they are doing.

Last year was the first time Love was part of the committee, but she said she was satisfied with how everything turned out.

The BSU executive team encouraged everyone to participate and engage in this year’s events.

“We don’t get to voice our opinions as much, so this is a way to show that we are proud as Americans,” Love said.

The next event, Taste of Soul will be held on Feb. 4. Taste of Soul is an event where students will get the opportunity to taste a variety of foods that would normally be prepared for dinner, Love said.

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