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Brockway starts the season strong

Senior Riley Brockway running the ball during practice.

Since his freshman year, senior wide-receiver Riley Brockway has been a prevalent part of Wartburg’s football team, playing in at least nine games every season.

In his first season for the Knights, Brockway completed only one reception for 16 yards, but in the first three games of his final season, he has already posted 27 receptions for 369 yards.

Brockway complemented the players he has around him by saying it makes progressing in and playing the game easier when you have other good players around you and backing you up.

“We’ve got guys that have played in games, guys who have had big games before, so each week we can go out with confidence that we can get the job done,” Brockway said. “We know what we’re doing, so it just makes it that much easier.”

Coach Rick Willis said he was proud to have seen the progress that Brockway has made during his time in the program.

“He just does everything the right way,” Willis said. “He’s really developed a lot of discipline in the way he goes out and practices and prepares, and is a great model for our younger players, and is a really good leader for us.”

The best memories that Brockway will have from being on the team will be the time he spent with his “brothers” in practice and in games.

He also felt that this is not something people in the younger years focus on enough, and felt that there was more to being on the team than just playing the game.

“ Practice is something that you take for granted when you’re in your middle years of college football, but you know what, when it’s toward your end you just take every day as a blessing,” Brockway said.

According to Coach Willis, part of the reason the Brockway has developed so well during his time on the team is the effort he puts into practices, and good energy that he gives everyone else.

“When you have players like that it gives you confidence as a coach,” Willis said. “You know that you’re going to have guys that show up and are ready to go every day, and that are willing to do everything that you want them to do.”

Brockway has become one of the leaders of the squad, and that he can be used as an example to the younger players of how hard work in training pays off.

Willis said Brockway was the type of player they were looking for in the program, and with all the success he has made in his three years, Brockway is likely to succeed in his future as well.

“He wants to be a teacher, and I think he’ll do well in that role because he has a good demeanor for that and will be a good role model for younger kids,” Willis said.

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