BSU and Wartburg Store team up for food drive

The Wartburg Store teamed up with Black Student Union to run a food drive.
The Wartburg Store teamed up with Black Student Union to run a food drive. Nasr Madar encourages students to donate to others who may not be as fortunate














The Wartburg Store and the Black Student Union (BSU) are working together to run a can food drive, Janet Huebner, Wartburg Store manager, said.

“I think is really important to give back to the community because it shows that you actually care. There are people out there that don’t have everything we do. So why don’t we give them something we have,” Nasr Madar said.

For each can turned in, students can get a 20 percent off coupon to the Wartburg Store. The goal is to have at least 300 pounds of canned goods to give the Northeast Food Bank.

Because this is the first food drive BSU is doing, Madar said they didn’t know how to get the word out or how it would affect campus.

“I think some people don’t realize the importance of giving back because we get so caught up in our own everyday lives and we forget and miss out on the opportunities that our offered every day,” Huebner said.

The Can Food Drive kicked off Nov. 12 and will be going until the Nov. 24. Cans and other items can be dropped off in the Wartburg Store or the BSU office in the Hub.

“With the holidays starting, we want to make sure Wartburg can help out, not only our community, but the whole of Northeast Iowa,” DaJuan King, vice president of BSU, said.

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