Campus tips and tricks

— Mauricio Gutierrez/TRUMPET
— Mauricio Gutierrez/TRUMPET

Hidden tips and tricks found at Wartburg College have been made available to students through the Student Senate, Jacob Martin, former student body president, said.

“This was a product of last year’s Student Senate,” Martin said.

“I worked with, at the time Vice President Lanie Crouse, to come up with things that we didn’t think that every student knew.”

These tips, Martin said, are not by any means “life hacks”, but they are ways to know more about the school and more things available through different departments of the school.

Teri Mueller, student body president, said the main goal of the tips and tricks is to give students different ideas.

“There are many ways students can address problems, what to do for fun and just good things to know as a Wartburg student just by looking at the list of tips and tricks,” Mueller said.

Mueller said these tips are something that can be beneficial to the whole student body.

“Being a fourth year, I had no idea the number of things you could rent from the library,” Martin said.

“The bikes—I had no idea about that program and I have been working with Anne Duncan in sustainability for as long as I can remember, but I had no idea you could rent bikes.”

Martin said the library has ethernet cables, dry erase markers and other things available.

The goal of the tips and tricks was to help make things run as smoothly as possible on campus, Mueller said.

“On the back [of the sheet], there is a list of problems and who to contact,” Martin said.

“Student senators always get emails saying, ‘last night my shower head in the Manors stopped working and I don’t know what to do about it’ or things like this, so the list gives contact information for these instances.”

Martin said the list is a good way to give people resources they can use for direct access, instead of contacting the senator representative for their floor or complex.

“We hope students are utilizing the different resources we put out, whether it is the weekly newsletter, the tip sheets or checking the website,” Mueller said.

The tips and tricks handout is available online, on senate bulletin boards or students can stop by the Senate office to pick one up.

If there are any questions, comments or more helpful tips and tricks, Mueller encouraged individuals to email

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