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Choice Word: Alumni ‘sound off’ about Homecoming

It’s exciting to be back on campus where people know you. Moving to a new place, you have to meet new people, and it’s not always the welcoming environment that Wartburg has. It’s nice to be back and feel that again.
-Chris McIntyre ‘14

It is “coming home” when you’re done being a student here. It’s always good to come back and remember when we thought we knew everything and we were still cool.
-Katy Seeley ‘99

It’s nice to be here and not have any obligations. Just go do what you want to do for homecoming and not have to worry about a schedule that you’re on.
-Shayla (Hopp) McInyre ‘14

The best part of coming back is reconnecting with friends, reminiscing over the memories we made in college. Even though we haven’t seen each other in a long time, it’s fun to see that we can pick up right where we left off, and we have that connection that we made and started here together.
-Sarah (Dieck) Seig ’84

I realized that I am being surrounded by music all weekend, and I love it because that is one of the biggest reasons why I came here. It’s coming back and remembering that this is where I came from, this is the amazing family and sound I was a part of too, and it’s still going. It’s really nice to relive some of that again.
-Laura Mackey ‘12

I haven’t seen these people in a few months and it’s great. You get to have this wonderful reunion and connect with them again. I’m stoked to be back here because it’s the people that make Wartburg what it is and see those people all over again.
I also miss Wartburg Choir, so that is another reason why I’m back. [The concert] will be a bittersweet moment of “I love these guys, but I need to be up there.”
-Christopher Kurt ‘14

It’s fun to see friends and neat to see that no matter what year people graduated from Wartburg, the people are always so friendly and welcoming. That doesn’t change no matter what year it is. It’s home.
-Melissa Miller ‘99

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