Community Response Team focuses on transparency

Following the racial slur incident at the end of January, students received an email from Dr. Dan Kittle, the Dean of Students, which stated the incident which occurred. However, the email also informed students about a group of faculty which makes up the Community Response Team.

Many students believed that the committee was formed following the events. However, the group was formed at the beginning of the year.

Krystal Madlock said that the group was modeled after a committee at UNI and has been trying to determine what aspects of the group work best for Wartburg.

“We’re trying to figure out what is the best way for students to access the information,” Madlock said. “How do we market, how do we get the word out, how do we make sure we’re prepared?”

Kittle said that the main purpose of the committee is to make sure that the community of Wartburg is informed about issues going on within the community.

In order to do this, steps must be taken in order to develop a response. At the beginning of a meeting, members determine what questions they have and share information in order to determine what would be the most appropriate response.

“There’s not conversations happening on that committee that that I wouldn’t have a problem with having with a group of students,” Kittle said.

With on of the focuses of the group being transparency, Kittle said that is has been difficult to do so without a website.

However, Kittle added that he hoped the transparency would help students see issues happening on-campus.

“Racism, sexism, sexual assault, those things are happening at the college,” Kittle said. “We want to students to understand that the same social ills we read about and see outside of Wartburg are present here.”

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