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Cook’s leadership skills trickle down to teammates

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Team chemistry. This intangible quality is a key aspect in all team sports.  Without it, most teams crumble. One of the most obvious displays of this is on the soccer field.

Senior captain Brandon Cook knows how important chemistry is to success and promotes it every day on the field.

“It’s kinda getting a group of guys that come in each year and fit in to what you want to accomplish”, said Cook.

Head coach Kirk Artist saw Cook’s leadership skills from day one and recognizes his invaluable presence on the field.

“He’s our main leader. He provides the energy to the team. And he is completely dedicated to this team, these guys on the team”, said Artist. “You know its obvious he cares a lot and the guys care about him a lot”.

That renewed comradery between himself and his teammates is Cook’s part about soccer.

“Each and every year there is a new group of guys that come in and to tell you the truth, you make your best friends here”, said Cook.  “I enjoy that the most”.

Artist has spent the last three years coaching Cook. Over that time, Brandon’s relentless desire to keep getting better has not only been a good example for his teammates, but makes coaching easier.

“He’s kind of a coach’s dream in the fact that you know he can be out here for ten hours a day if you asked him to be”, said Artist. “He wants to be out here working to get better, working to win, and working for what’s best for this program”.

One of Cook’s favorite things about his Wartburg career is that the quality of opponents has been able to feed his desire to win.

“My freshman year we went to the national tournament”, said Cook. “I also love the conference play and the conference tournament each year”.

Although success hasn’t come easily to the team over the last couple years, the team has turned it around of late. Cook credits this current group of guys for stepping up to the plate.

“You know, it’s quite the experience”, said Cook. “You don’t get a good group of guys like this year. We got a lot of great guys and the chemistry is showing. Individually everybody is picking up the goals and efforts as well. Basically, as a leader I want to bring enough energy and get everybody on the same page”.

Brandon has said that he only has one goal on his mind this season: Make the national tournament.

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