Council Member resigns after only one year of service

On the Nov. 3 Waverly City Council meeting, losing the first ward member wasn’t listed on the agenda.

Derrick Wygle, former councilman, announced his resignation after only one year of service. At the meeting, Wygle read aloud a letter explaining why he must leave.

In the letter, Wygle writes, “This decision does not come out of want, it comes out of need. With the increasing demands of school as I finish my degree and work, I am unable to effectively represent my ward of the community as a whole.”

Wygle explained to Cedar Valley Today that with his nursing degree, he has to commit a lot of his time to that, which makes it hard to do an sufficient job at representing his ward.

After finishing his degree, Wygle said he intends to return to the Waverly City Council. In the meantime, he said he would do his part in making Waverly a better community to live in.

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