Counseling Services offers depression screening

Valentina Jordan (left) is assisted by counselor Molly Wertz as she participates in depression screening. — Emily Novotny/TRUMPET

Wartburg’s counseling services provided students the opportunity to be screened for depression on Oct. 11 in honor of National Depression Screening Day.

Stephanie Newsom, director of counseling services, said the important thing about this campaign is creating awareness.

“Depression and anxiety are so prevalent in our society,” Newsom said. “It is the number one reason why students seek counseling on our campus.”

The screening process is online and is anonymous. Newsom said the screening is always available on the Wartburg website.

Students who take the screening are tested for depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and post traumatic stress disorder.

Newsom said the having the screenings online is nice because it breaks those categories down.

“It’s really handy for students, it gets them results right away,” Newsom said.

The screening does not give you a diagnosis, Newsom said, it recommends seeking professional advice and provides the counselor’s information if a student scores is high.

“I have had students who said ‘I took the screening and it said I should seek further professional help’ and that’s what they’ve done,” Newsom said.

Newsom said they usually get about 20 students to take the screening on National Depression Screening day but it is widely used year round.

“I encourage students who are thinking about going into a helping profession to take it just so they know, here are the things we are looking for if we are suspecting someone is clinically depressed, struggling with bipolar disorder, PTSD,” Newsom said.

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