Davis Projects for Peace process begins

Is there something wrong with the world that you want to see changed? If so, consider submitting a proposal for the Davis Projects for Peace, now in its 9th year at Wartburg.

The Davis Projects for Peace was funded by Kathryn W. Davis, according to Dean of Students Dan Kittle. After donating $1 million on her 100th birthday, Davis Projects for Peace uses the money to fund $10,000 grants to participating schools.

Kristin Teig Torres said that the projects have focused on a variety of large-scale issues.

“In the past, the projects have focused on issues such as lack of health education for young women in India to creating chicken incubators to feed hungry people in Sierra Leone,” Teig Torres said.

In order to submit a project, individuals must be an undergraduate student and submit a proposal. Only one student from Wartburg will receive the $10,000 grant. In addition, the project idea must be creative, engaging, meaningful and measurable, according to Kittle.

Teig Torres said that individuals should think long-term and large-scale in order to make a larger impact in their proposal. Additionally, students should aim to implement their idea during the summer of 2018.

Kittle’s suggestions for students are to identify an on-campus advisor to assist in the project and to engage the Wartburg community in the project.

Teig Torres had some final advice for students interested in the Davis Projects for Peace.

“Think of the good you would like to see in the world, challenge yourself – again, think about impact and sustainability and put effort into your budget, know your subject and be passionate about your work,” Teig Torres said.

Students interested in submitting a proposal should attend an informational meeting on Thursday, Jan. 4 at 7 p.m. in the McCoy rooms.

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