Election Wrap Up

Wartburg Student Senate’s Political Action Committee hosted a “Pizza and Politics” night on Tuesday. The students gathered to watch the outcome of the 2014 Midterm elections and cheer on their candidate for the Senate.

Joni Ernst will be Iowa’s new Senator, replacing Tom Harkin, who will finish his fifth term in office in 2015 and will not seek reelection. She will be the first woman Senator from Iowa, leaving Mississippi as the only state never to elect a female into the Senate. Ernst won with 52.21 percent of the votes, leaving Bruce Braley almost nine points behind, with only 43.74 percent of the votes.

Iowa was one of the ten most important states in this election, along with Kansas, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Colorado, Alaska, Arkansas and Louisiana.

With most of those states going Republican, both the Senate and the Congress are now under the control of the GOP. This sets the question whether this will make President Obama a “lame duck president” and if the new majority will be as obstructionist as they have been in the past.

However, many students of Wartburg College felt that a change was needed, are happy for the new Senator and wish her all the best. All that is left now is to see how exactly she will make Washington squeal.

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