ETK’s Silent Commons returns to Wartburg

silent commons
Some participants had to chew gum found under a table for thirty seconds. — Emily Novotny/TRUMPET

Laughter and whispers were heard in Cardinal Commons Sept. 26 at Silent Commons, Entertainment ToKnight’s recent event.

Silent Commons is based off the television show on MTV called “Silent Library.” Players are broken up into six teams of six and are expected to complete challenges without making a lot of noise. If the noise level is exceeded or the challenge is not completed, the team does not receive points.

“I came and watched the event because I thought it would be funny and I’ve seen the show before,” Courtney Harksen said. “I definitely wasn’t disappointed.”

Round one began with an overview of how to play and then the games began. Challenges consisted of  “junk-in-the-trunk,” “chubby bunny” and “how’s it hanging.” The first round ended with “fruit shoot” where players passed a grape from mouth-to-mouth without using their hands.

“The audience really reacted well to each challenge and brought a lot of energy to the event,” Cody Osegard, Entertainment ToKnight president, said.

The second round consisted of partners eating cheese and crackers off each other’s faces, yanking clothes pins off ears, eating eight warheads at the same time and taking a shot of pure hot sauce. The round favorite consisted of one player being chosen to pull all the used gum off the bottom of the table and chew it for thirty seconds.

“You are truly disgusting,” Brandon Hosch, host of the event, said.

The final round was the hardest of the three and brought very interesting challenges. One team was expected to cover their leg in duct tape and rip it off, go bobbing for sardines in freezing water and eat an ice cream sundae topped with hotdog toppings.

The game ended with a tie breaker between The Helen Kellers and Bosco plus Two. This resulted in a dance off to the recent fad “Gangnam Style.”

“Participating in this game was completely awkward and hilarious,” Reid Cook, part of the winning team The Helen Kellers, said. “My whole team and I know and love the song ‘Gangnam Style’ and had a blast.”

Entertainment Toknight staff was pleased with the turnout and the overall reaction at the event. Osegard said the goal of the club this year is to host more events where students can get involved.

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“Instead of always hosting events where the students have to watch, we’re focusing a lot on getting students involved and active in the events,” Osegard said. “There will be plenty more events like this in the future.”

Entertainment Toknight’s next event will consist of a campus wide game called Humans vs. Zombies which will take place sometime during October.

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