Faculty and staff moving on

Sixteen faculty and staff at Wartburg College will be retiring or moving on from the college before the next school year begins.

Some faculty have already moved on while some are still on campus for May Term.

Jean Buckingham

Camps, conference and event scheduling manager, Jean Buckingham, will be retiring in August following nine years at the college.

“I love the students here and meeting new students during scholarship days and Summer, Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) weekends,” Buckingham said. “I will miss seeing the students. Wartburg is a special place.”

She said she will also miss her colleagues and everyone she has come to know during her time at Wartburg.

Her duties include managing events on campus and facilitating board of regents meetings. She also provides information to Wartburg dining, security and maintenance.

Dr. Brian Jones

Dr. Brian Jones, professor of religion, will be retiring from Wartburg after 17 years of teaching at the college. Jones came here from Oregon in 2000.

Jones said when he first came to Wartburg, he and his wife Judith, shared a position, but eventually they both became full time.

Jones said he will stay for graduation and baccalaureate to see his students graduate. He said he has learned a lot during his time at Wartburg.

“The religion department has been an excellent place for my wife and me, our colleagues are wonderful and we have no conflicts in this department,” Jones said.

Jones said he and his wife like to stay in contact with students they have taught in years past and see how far they have advanced in their careers.

“Some [previous students] are married with kids, to be here this long and see how far they’ve come with their lives is incredible,” Jones said.

Jones said he has enjoyed the interdisciplinary dialogue possibilities, or panel discussions, he has had with professors in his and other departments on campus.

Judith Jones, another retiree, has already moved back to Oregon and is serving as a pastor of two Episcopal churches. Brian Jones said he plans to move out to Oregon by the end of the summer.

He said he hasn’t spent a lot of time thinking about what is next, but is not completely retired from the world of teaching.

“It’s not so much as retiring as it is changing gears,” Jones said. “Judith is now a full-time pastor and I’ll do something else as well.”

Professor Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson, lecturer in journalism and communication, will also be doing something different following May Term.

Wilson came to Wartburg from Los Angeles in 2016 after teaching part-time at Cal State Northridge. He moved out to California after finishing up college at the University of Minnesota.

Wilson said everyone at Wartburg is very welcoming and helpful. He said he learned a lot in his one year at Wartburg.

“Everyone here seems to be doing something for the good of the college and the students,” Wilson said.

Wilson said he’s committed to finishing his final term strong. He wants to continue to help with the feature film, “When Faith and Fear Collide,” that is taking place in Waverly. He said he’s been asked for a small role in the film since he has worked on it a lot during the term.

Wilson plans to continue to do something with media and TV news, whether it’d be teaching or working behind the scenes.

“Who knows what I’ll do next, but my time here won’t be forgotten,” Wilson said.

Here is the list of faculty and staff not returning for the 2017-18 school year

Ann Arns – lecturer in physical education

Stephanie Blake – religion and philosophy office coordinator

Douglas Brusich – visiting assistant professor of biology

Jean Buckingham – camps, conference and event scheduling manager

Bev Darrow – maintenance worker

Denis Drolet – associate professor of chemistry

Lizabeth Gehring – assistant professor of English education

Jenna Haglund – visiting assistant professor of social work

Denny Haugen – senior major gift officer

Brian Jones – professor of religion

Judith Jones – professor of religion

Helen Leong – director of international student services

Peter Nash – professor of religion

Jean Schloemer – Perkins loan and collections coordinator

Roy Ventullo – professor of biology

Chris Wilson – lecturer in journalism and communication

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