Finals week calls for stress relief event

Students will have more to look forward to than just Midnight Breakfast the night before finals this semester.

Pathways, Vogel Library and other departments have collaborated to create The Great Escape, a three-hour event to help students study and release stress Sunday, April 13.

The Great Escape will give students a chance to meet with various faculty to ask last-minute questions, sit in quiet study rooms and enjoy massage chairs, snacks, drinks and games on it will be on the second floor of Vogel Library from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Katlyn Underwood, president of ETK, providing Play-Doh, a giant version of Kerplunk and other games for The Great Escape, said she hopes students remember to take some time to relax as they cram for finals.

“Personally, taking a break from long periods of studying has allowed me to be more productive. Once you have been studying for so long, your mind almost goes into a lull, everything you read or go over ends up becoming a blur,” Underwood said.
“The Great Escape is promoting the idea that you should give yourself a break and that students deserve a small break even if your break isn’t spent with us.”

Pathways associate for Reading, Writing, Speaking Lab Jette Irgens said she got the idea for The Great Escape after hearing about another college hosting an anti-procrastination night before finals week.

She thought it sounded fun and teamed up with Information Literacy and Technology Librarian Christine Elliott to develop the event as a pre-finals activity.

“This gives students something positive to look forward to at the beginning of the week to help carry that positive attitude through finals week,” Elliott said. “A lot of colleges don’t do things around finals, and I think Wartburg does a really good job of supporting students, so this is just another way of doing that.”

Irgens said The Great Escape will not only be fun, but a great way for students to seek a number of resources all in one place.

“A lot of people are nervous and that’s OK if you’re preparing. This way, people don’t have to fret over questions alone. They can work together with the faculty and other students,” she said.

Rev. Ramona Bouzard will also lead a prayer at The Great Escape at 8 p.m. Students can expect door prizes, puzzles, Jenga, coloring stations, Origami lessons, Slinkies, music, break rooms, Bananagrams and study help as well.

“The activities provided aren’t supposed to be extensive. They are supposed to provide a way for students to take a small break away from studying. The activities that ETK is providing are almost mindless but chosen for that reason,” Underwood said. “I am most looking forward to the coloring pages because really, who could go wrong with a blank coloring page and a box of Crayola Crayons.”

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