Flash mob surprises crowd at Ren Faire

Flash mob
Kathryn Werner, who was in charge of the flash mob, dances in the middle of the campus mall at the Ren Faire to get alumni excited about being back for homecoming weekend. — Laura DePenning/TRUMPET

Homecoming Committee performed a flash mob in the middle of the Ren Faire this year as a surprise for the alumni attending homecoming.

Renee Voves, associate director of alumni and parent relations, said the event was planned and executed mostly by the students on the committee.

“Everyone is excited about it, a couple of students worked on it over the summer and we really got to get some power behind it which is really cool,” Voves said.

Kathryn Werner and McKayla Briggs were the most heavily involved with planning the mob.

Werner worked on the idea over the summer as part of her internship with the Alumni Office.

“We had the songs picked out before the year even started, then we put together the dance and after we knew it we really started trying to get students involved,” Werner said.

Voves said they did their best to keep it a secret from alumni by advertising in places that were mostly student centered.

“We stuck to around campus and in The Juice and word of mouth to really spread the idea around to students,” Voves said.

The mob consisted of mainly Homecoming Committee members but alumni, like Mary Wessel, said it was still a lot of fun to see.

“It was really unexpected and a lot of fun. That’s the kind of stuff that makes Wartburg special, I’m really glad I got to see it,” Wessel said.

Werner said she was most excited to see everyone get behind the efforts of the Homecoming Committee.

“Everyone really pulled together with getting the word out to students. We made a video and put it on YouTube, we held practice sessions for people interested in joining us, the whole committee is just really excited about it,” Werner said.

She said if it was a success, they may consider doing another one another year.

“Maybe we don’t do it next year, you know, to keep the surprise aspect, but maybe three, five years down the line we can do another if people enjoy it,” Werner said.

Wessel said she would like to see it happen again.

“It really showcases how much Wartburg students care about the homecoming experience and I hope they do it again next year,” Wessel said.

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