Garth Brooks Influences Positivity in Osage Cancer Patient

Osage resident Teresa Shaw self diagnosed herself with cancer in June earlier this year.

When she got a mammogram, the tumor was not visible due to dense tissue, so she got an ultrasound finding out the tumor was actually 2 inches.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” Shaw said. “Invasive Ductal Carcinoma which is a triple negative meaning it is the most aggressive form of cancer.”

Shaw was online when she found someone else with cancer who posted that she was going to post a positive picture every week, which inspired Shaw to be positive as well.

Shaw struggles with every day tasks that one would not expect would be affected by cancer or the chemo treatments like taking a shower or doing the dishes.

“The strength it takes out of you, you don’t realize how tired you can actually be and weak,” Shaw said. “Its been really hard for me because I am used to being able to do everything for myself and helping others.”

Shaw has chemo treatments usually on a Friday and it does not affect her until a couple days after, so she decided she would be able to attend the Garth Brooks concert on a Friday night.

Like at most concerts, there are different signs all around in the audience and Shaw thought making a sign would just get him to notice and all she wanted was an autograph, but instead Brooks saw the sign and had security escort her to the stage where she received the guitar.

Entertainment Tonight wanted to surprise Brooks and flew Shaw to California on Monday and held an interview with her. She then got a tour of where they film different shows and got to see different celebrities.

Shaw said this was a great experience for her, but she is glad to be home in her town of Osage.

Shaw advices others who are struggling with cancer or just having a bad day to try to stay as positive as you can and surround yourself with people who love you.


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