Hamburglar pleads guilty

Whitley Teslow, known since his incident with a Cedar Falls McDonald’s as the “Hamburglar,” plead guilty last month to two separate charges. The incident occurred in November when Teslow broke into a Cedar Falls McDonald’s, cooked himself a meal and exited out the drive-through window.

The Wartburg junior plead guilty to third-degree burglary and fourth-degree criminal mischief. A fifth-degree theft charge was dismissed. The prosecution recommended he undergo a substance abuse evaluation, receive a civil penalty and be placed on two years probation.

Teslow has requested a deferred judgment and is interested in deferring the probation in order to attend Wartburg West in Denver, Colo. in January of 2013. Sentencing for  Teslow will come at a later date.

At the hearing, Teslow recounted the events  of the day and night’s activities as he remembered them. He explained there were several parts of the incident that he did not remember at all, including breaking in through the window or what happened after he left the restaurant.


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