Have yourself a DIY Christmas

Michelle Johnson/TRUMPET

As the season of giving quickly approaches, shopping for presents is well underway. For some, however, budgets are tight and purchasing a lot of presents isn’t very practical. So for those who want to give but don’t have the cash, here are some fun DIY gifts for Christmas.

First idea comes from the inspiration of Santa’s sled. All that is needed is two candy canes and a bunch of stack-able candy. With the help of some festive ribbon and tape, that candy can be turned into a cute little sled to be given to friends and family.

The next idea goes out to the more creative souls out there. Using arylic paint and sealer, a cheap mug or glass can be personalized into a personalized work of art. Be it eggnog or hot chocolate, the receiver of this give can fill their glass or mug with their favorite holiday drink of choice.

Have a few old t-shirts lying around? Transform them into tie bracelets by cutting the t-shirts into strips and tying them into patterns.

For those who aren’t as artistic, find some old frames from a local second-hand thrift store. Using a can of black chalk board spray paint, an old frame turns into a customizable picture frame that the receiver of the gift can decorate to fit their own needs.

Don’t want to make a craft? Baking some cookies or other holiday treats can always be a great gift alternative as well.

For more DIY gift ideas, there are plenty of tutorials and directions online at or

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