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Holding the rope

Unbeaten Wartburg wrestler Cross Cannone working against Alex Wilson of Augsburg. Cannone is ranked number one in the country in his weight class (149). -Marketing and Comm.

Having an undefeated winning streak broken is always a frustrating experience for an athlete.

Wartburg College wrestling saw this first hand when Logan Thomsen’s lost to Ryan Epps at the Battle of the Burgs. This loss broke Wartburg’s undefeated weight class spread of 141-157.

In spite of his first loss of the season, Thomsen said he isn’t worried.

“He’s a guy that you know, this loss at this point in the year might be the best thing for him because it is going to fuel him,” head coach Eric Keller said.

Since the commencement of last season and over the summer, Thomsen said he hasn’t taken a day off from practicing.

“I’m gonna keep going same pace, same rate. Only now, I’ve got a fire under my butt,” Thomsen said.

During his match against Epps, Thomsen had control until he made a wrong move. Epps capitalized on the mistake getting Thomsen in a cradle.

Upon Thomsen getting caught in this difficult position the momentum was shifted to Epps. Thomsen learned from his mistake and said he can’t let that happen in the future.

“So I’m glad that lesson got taught then, instead of at the national tournament or a qualifier you know, where there is no tomorrow,” Keller said.

Cross Cannone is also a part of the 141-157 spread but remains undefeated. He plans to keep it that way through Nationals. Cannone acknowledges that he is undefeated, which he said is good, but doesn’t mean anything if he can’t keep it through Nationals.

Cannone maintains a very aggressive mentality when it comes to wrestling. He is very grateful that he has the chance to practice with other like-minded wrestlers.

“You learn a lot from a hard fought battle and we are getting closer to wrestling at our full potential,” Keller said.

Keller encouraged each wrestler to “hold the rope,” or continue the legacy of the Wartburg wrestling program. It keeps them focused by reminding them of the wrestlers who came before them, Keller said.

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