Getting ready for Kastle Kapers

Welcome to the Weekend is a band that auditioned Tuesday night for Kastle Kapers. – Taylor Webb/TRUMPET


Kastle Kapers that has been a Wartburg Homecoming tradition for many years, held auditions last week on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Every year’s performance encourages alumni to come back and watch current students perform and express themselves however they feel.

Kastle Kapers is made up of many different acts that are all put into one show that is performed for Homecoming and Family Weekend. In years past, there were no auditions for the show, but due to the increase in students wanting to be involved, auditions had to be held.

Jason Costabile, Emily Grav and Jami Geotz are just a few individuals who auditioned last Tuesday night. Their band’s name is Welcome to the Weekend. Their first performance together they covered Switchfoot’s “Dare You to Move” at the worship service for the Meistersinger Honor last February and all of them have performed at Kastle Kapers last year.

“We started this band about a year ago right after Kastle Kapers, and so far our only audiences for our original new material have been our dorm room wall and a small captive audience at a candlelight vigil,” Costabile said. “We wanted to do this as a way to broaden our listener range.”

Last year they were given the time frame of an hour and a half and ended up having to turn people away because they had too many of the same type of act.

The Kastle Kapers committee helps to decided how many of the same act there can be and how to keep the show on a timely schedule.

Destany Himschoot is on the Kastle Kapers homecoming committee and is just one of the many members to help make these choices.

“We have to accommodate to the audience whether it’s students, alumni or faculty,” Himschoot said.  “We try to mix in different dance teams or bands if we did not have them audition there would be a problem of a three-hour show and no one wanting to come and spend that much time.”

There is a Kastle Kapers show performed on both Thursday and Friday night during Homecoming week.

“Why students would want to come is, not only is it made for the students, but it’s also directed towards the alumni that come back just because it has been around for years,” Himschoot said.

“In my opinion not only seeing it my freshman year, but being on Homecoming and the committee my sophomore year you just get see the types of students and their true talents.” Himschoot said.


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