‘Humans vs. Zombies’ to take over Wartburg campus

ETK members have been working on ways to get people to sign up for Humans vs. Zombies. — Emily Novotny/TRUMPET

Wartburg College is in for a scare this month. Entertainment ToKnight is planning a campus wide game of Humans vs. Zombies.

Humans vs. Zombies will take place Oct. 30 with a kickoff in the ballrooms from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The game is similar to the game of tag and participants are split into two groups consisting of zombies and humans, Cody Osegard, ETK president, said.

“The more participants, the better for this game. Humans vs. Zombies has had a lot of success on other campuses and we’re really excited about trying it out on Wartburg campus,” Osegard said.

During the game, zombies are expected to tag humans, ultimately changing the humans into zombies.

The groups will be identified by red and green armbands and are given an ID number at the beginning of the game.

To protect themselves, humans can either run away or throw their socks at the zombies. If a zombie does not tag a human within 48 hours, they die.

“The game continues until all the zombies die out or the zombies tag all the humans,” Osegard said. “I know of several different college campuses where the game has taken place for over a week.”

The game will be regulated through online programing so ETK staff members can keep track of how many people are still in the game.

If a zombie tags a human, they will take their ID number and type it into the programming to show they are no longer human. The programming will also show if a zombie has died.

There are no prizes. Winners receive the glory of winning the game, Osegard said.

ETK staff members are really excited about bringing the popular game of Humans vs. Zombies to the Wartburg campus, Osegard said.

He said that the game was chosen as an ETK event because of the success it has had on other campuses.

“This game has a really great reputation of being fun and zombies are kind of a trendy theme right now,” Ashley Lang, director of campus programming, said. “Because of Halloween, this month is the perfect time to be engaged in zombie games.”

The game’s popularity has spread quickly throughout the United States and is finally finding itself on the Wartburg campus. With many of the games taking place on large campuses in the past, there is a belief that it will work better on a smaller campus, Osegard said.

“With Wartburg being a smaller campus, everyone is secluded to a certain area and smaller space,” Osegard said. “Right out of class, it’s game on.”

Several Wartburg choir students have participated in a game very similar to Humans vs. Zombies called Assassin. Students that have participated in the game before are excited to play again.

“My favorite part of playing Assassin was getting to meet other people playing the game,” Crosby King said.

“I will definitely be participating in this event because it is fun and can help ‘de-stress’ midweek.”

ETK’s goals for this year consist of producing events where more students can participate and planning events that students actually want to attend, Osegard said.

Registration to participate for the event is free and must take place before Oct. 22 online at

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