Internships in Germany for Science and Engineering Majors

Diane Delgado holds a rat’s brain after doing her first brain dissection at Humboldt University of Berlin. Submitted photo

Research Internships in Science and Engineering Germany (RISE Germany) is currently receiving applications to complete research in top German universities and institutions during summer 2018.

RISE Germany is one of the programs sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) that offers each year around 300 scholarships to students from North America, Great Britain and Ireland, to carry research in local institutions.

Diane Delgado, neuroscience major, was selected from over 1,000 applicants to intern at Humboldt University of Berlin after applying through RISE Germany last January.

“RISE is such a great opportunity to do research in your field,” Delgado said. “Being pair with a big university abroad gives you a whole new insight into a different area of research.”

RISE Germany allows students to apply to a maximum of three different internships. Delgado applied to neuroscience-oriented programs and was selected for the one in Berlin.

During her time as an intern, Delgado was paired with a Ph.D. student to carry research on decision making and risk taking in rats.

Daniel Walthers, professor of history and co-coordinator of international programs, said that only two Wartburg students have been selected to participate in the internships RISE offers.

Walthers has been an associate with DAAD several times in the past and he is the responsible since 2010, to spread the word about this program at Wartburg.

The program is directed to juniors and seniors majoring in biology, chemistry, computer science, physics, earth sciences and engineering.

Applicants are not required to speak German since the program is carried entirely in English.

The application form can be found on DAAD’s web page and the deadline to submit it, is Dec. 15.

Delgado encourages students at Wartburg to apply for this program. She said the experience is eye-opening and that just the application process can help students to develop skills for future job or grad school applications.

“I think just the applying portion in it, is a good experience.” Delgado said. “Also, even though you are paired with a certain program, you get to know everyone who is in that field at that university. It’s a great networking opportunity.”

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