Iowa KidsNet hold Adoption Friday Event in Waterloo

November is National Adoption Month and Iowa KidsNet is bringing awareness by holding an Adoption Friday celebration on Friday, Nov. 14 from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Black Hawk County Courthouse on 315 East Fifth Street in Waterloo.

“What we will be doing is celebrating adoptions of 14 families that will be adopting 21 children,” Bambi Schrader, a licensing supervisor for Iowa KidsNet, said.

“What we have found in the Iowa court system is that sometimes adoptions take second place to criminal activities or court hearings, and so we have judges that volunteer their time, and court reporters, and we just finalize adoptions back to back and celebrate that with the families.”

“Iowa KidsNet is to recruit, license, match and then support Iowa foster and adoptive families. We’re a collaborative agency, a partner agency with DHS (Department of Human Services) and we work with them to then go everything from when the families start looking at becoming foster and adoptive parents all the way through post-adoption services which would support families after they adopt,” she said.

Schrader said Iowa KidsNet wants to bring awareness to the fact that we need more foster and adoptive homes throughout our state.

“Having families adopt children is kind of like a double-edged sword,” said Scrader. “We get stability and permanency for the families, but then sometimes the families can’t maintain their license because they’re full or they need to take care of the needs of their children so then that makes them withdraw their license, so we need more homes.”

Schrader said adoption is an important issue because kids need and deserve permanency and stability.

“In the state of Iowa we have about 4,000 children in foster care but only 2,300 foster homes, so we need more homes all the time and especially those that would be concurrent homes that would then possibly adopt the kids.”

For families looking to adopt, Schrader said the first step is to make the inquiry call. You can contact Iowa KidsNet at 1-800-243-0756 or you can go to their website,

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