Iowa Private College Week draws lower attendance numbers

Wartburg’s numbers for Iowa Private College week this year were down, but Wartburg wasn’t the only school experiencing a decrease in student attendees this year, Todd Coleman, Assistant Vice President for Admissions, said.

As a program, Iowa Private College week saw approximately 700 fewer students attend this year.

Though the numbers for this year’s attendance were not available, last year Wartburg hosted 526 students. The numbers are down for a variety of reasons, Edie Waldstein, vice president of Enrollment Management, said. These reasons include a smaller number of high school graduates as well as conflicts with high school schedules.

“We received comments from a number of parents saying that they weren’t able to attend because athletic practices, marching band practices, and the high school schedule just got in the way,” Waldstein said.

Actual attendance numbers for Wartburg were not available.

Lower numbers didn’t change Wartburg’s standing among the colleges involved in Iowa Private College Week.

“The bottom line is, numbers were down this year. Wartburg and Drake are consistently in the top two visited campuses during Iowa Private College week and it was the same thing this year. Wartburg was in the top two,” Coleman said.

Waldstein said it was still a positive experience for the campus.

“My impression was that it was hopping as usual. We have a lot of faculty involved and they get excited about it,” Waldstein said. “In the middle of the week, students and staff took some time out and made the ‘Call Me Maybe’ video. In a way, that exemplified the energy that’s on campus that something like that can just happen impromptu.”

Coleman said that the week before Iowa Private College Week saw the highest number of campus visits in five years.

“So, people, because of all this athletic and marching band stuff obviously made a decision that, ‘Hey, we want to visit Wartburg, but we’ll just do it the week before’. Overall, what we were down during Iowa Private College Week, we made up the week before having all those visitors here,” Coleman said.

“It’s still more powerful and much more valid to remain the first week of August like it always has been and to not change it,” Coleman said.

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