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‘It’s a wonderful day’ for RICE Day

Research, Internship and Creative Endeavors Day, better known as RICE Day, gave the oppotunity for Wartburg students to exhibit the skills they have gained through their Wartburg education this past Thursday.
“It’s a wonderful day,” President Darrel Colson said.
Colson and his wife, Christy, planned to view as many of the events as time would allow.
The event catered to nearly every major and multiple events were happening at the same time, so students, faculty staff and community members on campus had the opportunity to explore a wide variety of fields and various projects and presentations.

A variety of majors participate in the event.

For example, graphic design students presented their senior projects and put them on display in Wartburg’s Wablemar Schmidt Art Gallery in the Fine Arts Center.

“It shows what each student is passionate about in their own fields,” senior graphic design student Suusen Ng said. “Every idea that comes up in the same field is so diverse.”

The art department featured five artists that exhibited very different styles and projects, from hand-made books to Japanese anime-inspired Kanji characters.

The students were able to show their unique styles and the variety of skills they learned at Wartburg to not only their peers but also to the general public.

“Not everyone understands what is considered outside of the usual drawing and painting, and so when I get to explain to them what I did or made, their faces usually light up,” Ng said.

The journalism and communication senior students also presented their capstone documentaries, which covered diverse subjects.

The five documentaries shown covered several topics, including the decline in private college enrollment, the problems U.S. veterans face when coming back from overseas, the path a woman took to be taken seriously in politics through the story of Bonnie Campbell, the story of female sports newscaster Heidi Soliday and Iowa immigration.

Hundreds of students and donors also attended the Scholarship Luncheon.

This luncheon was a celebration of student success and donor recognition.

Students were able to learn the legacy of the different scholarships that were being awarded and meet their donors.

The social science students presented projects that they had worked on throughout the semester, engineering students showcased their work and other students did the same.

Dragoslava Barzut, a third-year student, said RICE Day is a time to reflect and realize how far students have come and how much more there is to go.

“RICE Day was indeed the day when we got the chance to share that most wonderful fruit or yield,” Barzut said. “It was the fruit of many words read, pages written, lectures listened and all put together to go even beyond those teachings.”

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