Joni Ernst visits Waverly

Republican Senate candidate, Joni Enrst visited the Waverly Public Library on Monday morning in her 99 County Campaign Tour. She was accompanied by Senator Chuck Grassley, who spoke on her behalf. The tour is commonly referred to as “the full Grassley” since he was the only Senator to ever visit all of Iowa counties while campaigning.

She talked about her plans if given the Senate seat, such as balancing the budget. After speaking she took pictures and answered questions from her supporters. Although speaking at length about policies her opponent, Bruce Braley supports and how much she disapproves them, she said the people should vote for who they believe is the best candidate.

She also spoke about the impact young people and students in particular have on this election and how often people tell her “Iowa is on the way up, but America is on the way down.”  She didn’t put any emphasis on possibly being the first female Senator ever elected from Iowa, but said that she would be very excited if that would happen. Iowa is, with Mississippi, the only state never to elect a woman into the Senate.

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