KnightCallers push for pledges

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KnightCallers have raised $242,473 for the fall campaign, Jeff Keen, assistant director of annual giving, said.

Having about 30 new staff and only 10 returning staff, the campaign started off slowly for the KnightCallers, but  picked up speed as the six weeks of calling went by, he said.

Keen added that the Knightcallers made 51,000 calls, but of those calls, only 4,469 people answered the phone and talked to the caller. From that they received 1,697 pledges.

Taylor Vos joined the KnightCallers in September and remembered the excitement she felt after the first donation.

“I was like ‘Oh my gosh, no way! You want to give me money? Well can I just get, wait, let my manager handle this,'” Vos said.

“I’m too busy being excited about how someone was finally nice enough to give me money.”

Compared to previous years, these numbers are low, but Keen said they switched things up this year.

“Before, we used to call all of our donors for their pledges which made our numbers seem high,” Keen said. “This year, however, we decided to only call those who have not donated in the past or those who have not donated recently. The rest we reached out to by mail, which also had a big effect.”

Most of the pledges from this campaign will go into the annual fund. Some donations will also go towards athletics.

“There was one time, it was our last night of calling, and we were just asking for renewals on donations and this one guy who had given $75 toward athletics decided after five minutes of conversation, he was going to give $2,000 to the annual fund,” Vos said.

“I had to have my manager finish the call because of how flabbergasted I was.”

Keen said if you know any of the KnightCallers, thank them for all that they do for this school by getting donations.

As for thanking the donors, there is a process in place.

“If you have given every year for 10 to 15 years, then you get a letter in the mail personally thanking you,” Keen said.

“Additionally, for those who donate through the phone-a-thon, we will start a stewardship campaign where those who called during the fall will call again just to say thank you.”

Keen added that the leadership team of six students will lead that campaign that will happen within the next couple weeks.

Vos is one of the six leaders for the thank-you campaign.

She said it is weird because she does not think of herself as a leader.

However, since her future goals include being a trainer and a coach, she knows she will need to become a strong leader.

Tyler Amick, a student on the leadership team, said his experience for the first time was a bit confusing and shocking.

He is satisfied overall with what he had accomplished individually and as a team.

Keen hopes to have more KnightCallers for the spring campaign, that kicks off in January.

For those who are interested in helping the campaign, please contact Keen at

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