Lacrosse players learn sport in college

In Iowa, lacrosse is not recognized as a high school sport by the Iowa High School Athletic Union.

Wartburg College added a lacrosse team three years ago and players from Iowa like Sophia Corpstein have learned to successfully transition into this sport with no prior knowledge of the game.

For Corpstein, athletics was something she was always a part of.

Being a four-sport athlete in high school, she started to really missing athletics her sophomore year but all the sports were already in season so she could not join in that moment.

Looking to be a manager for a sport Corpstein was trying to find a way to be involved, when the captain of the lacrosse team at that moment mentioned how the coach would try to get her to play.

“The very idea of competing in athletics again made my heart jump,” Corpstein said.

She said she emailed the coach twice. One of those times was to be a manager, but the other was to play and compete with the team.

“I started lifting with the team that night, so it was a very quick turn around,” Corpstein said.

Corpstein was new to the game, but she quickly learned through her teammates.

“I learned the game through my teammates teaching me how to throw and catch during the fall semester.

“Once winter semester began, my coach had small group sessions where she would teach us the very basics of lacrosse,” Corpstein said.

Corpstein’s first year of lacrosse was dedicated to learning the game, but during her second year Coach Anna Meerbach made sure players like Corpstein developed their Lacrosse IQ.

“She taught us a better way to do all of the basics as well as better ways to dodge and fake out the goalie when we shot,” Corpstein said.

Corpstein is one of the many Iowan Lacrosse players on the team.

She said her dedication and passion for wanting to learn the sport has created her to be a successful player on the team and now a captain of the team.

Corpstein said that her key to success was practicing the basics and self-teaching herself by watching lacrosse and following lacrosse accounts on social media.

Corpstein said over the summer she worked to get better on her basic skills of the game.

She said even the pros work daily to improve their basic skills of the game, which encouraged her.

“I worked to make my shot more effective. Watching lacrosse has also had a huge impact on me learning the game,” Corpstein said.

The future of lacrosse in Iowa is definitely growing according to Corpstein.

The lacrosse team has expanded so much that they now have a Varsity and JV team.

“Wartburg lacrosse will continue to grow and make even more of a name for themselves as the years progress,” Corpstein said.

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