Letter to the Editor: Meal transfer flexibility an option?

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Dear Editor,

As a second-year student at Wartburg, I have been very impressed with the food options available throughout campus; however, I have one problem with the dining system.

I don’t understand why we don’t have a build-your-own meal plan included as an option when getting our food.

I don’t know about other students on campus, but I eat when I’m hungry, which is pretty much any time when the Mensa isn’t open and it’s too late to order from Webfood.

While I understand we have the option of using meal transfers, I find it more of a hassle to try to use Webfood when the food is right there and we could grab it and be done.

With classes, homework that needs to be done, meetings for groups and one on-campus and one off-campus job, it’s difficult to know when I will have a chance to sit down, let alone eat.

Not only that, I am not always hungry at the same time every night, so I do not know when I will want to eat.

I also know that I am not alone; there are many other students who have music lessons, SI sessions and extracurricular activities to attend to, which makes it difficult to use their meal plan.

If the students are paying $2,050 (as of last year) for 15 meals and $125 in points, or more depending on their meal plan, why can’t they use those meals at their convenience?

If the school were to start a program that uses the build-your-own ideas of the meal transfers and  allowed students to come into the Den or Kdit and choose specific items to create their own meal right there, I believe that more students would eat food from on-campus locations and get the money’s worth out of their meal plans.

This could also create health benefits for the college, as students will be eating healthy food prepared in the campus kitchen instead of some greasy fryer at McDonald’s or ordering an overly stuffed sandwich from Jimmy John’s—something I often do at 8:30 when I get off work and decide that I am hungry and would like some dinner.

I understand that the college needs to make a profit, but can’t something be done to accommodate the appetite of ALL students?


Broke and Hungry


Elizabeth Lavenz is a second-year student and can be contacted at elizabeth.lavenz@wartburg.edu.

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