Local receives humanitarian award

Waverly native Merry Fredrick has been awarded the Robert D. Ray Iowa SHARES Humanitarian Award from the World Food Prize during the Iowa Hunger Summit.

The event took place on on Tuesday, Oct. 14. in Des Moines.

Fredrick has been apart of Self-Help International since 1999.

When Ambassador Ken Quinn contacted Fredrick, she was in shock.

“I read it, and I read it again because I thought it was a mistake.”

Self-Help International started in 1959 and has helped poor farm families in Guana, West Africa and Nicaragua, Central America.

“We have a microcredit program for women and we have a feeding program for children. We have alleviated hunger in a sustainable development.”

Since Fredrick has stepped down from her position at Self-Help International, she continues to volunteer her time by being a moderator for students, helping those in need and she will be talking at universities.

She encourages all to get involved with this organization and travel the world to help those who are not as fortunate as we are.

“I really believe that we can’t have world peace until we alleviate hunger. There are about 875 million people who are very, very hungry and we have to over come that.”

To get involved and make a difference, please visit or contact the office at (319) 352-4040.

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