May Term at Wartburg

Sebastian Mena goes up for a jump serve.

May term intramurals attracts about 220 students, the most participants of the school year. Sand volleyball, golf, pickle ball and softball are all offered.

Intramural manager William McDonald thinks the unique combination of May Term and sports are a good way for people to get outside and interact with each other.

McDonald says there is a competitive nature on Wartburg’s campus. He thinks about 50-percent of the students at Wartburg are collegiate athletes. Due to this prevalence of competition, games can get out of hand sometimes.

Madison Astgen’s team is all soccer players. The past two teams they played were filled with basketball and volleyball players, resulting in games filled with “lots of yelling.”

Boasting 106 players and 18 teams, Sand Volleyball attracts the most athletes of all the intramurals offered at Wartburg.

Senior Andrew Bell has been playing intramural Sand Volleyball since he was a Freshman. Playing on a team with his roommates are some of his favorite memories of the term.

“Everyone loves sand volleyball, it wouldn’t be May Term without it,” Andrew Bell said.

“It’s very important to enjoy the weather, so much of what May Term is about is getting outside,” McDonald said

The weather has a lot of control over students and their willingness to go outside and play.

“The weather is very important, it’s been cloudy or raining the past few days causing games to get canceled,” Astgen said.

Tournament time is underway with the semi-final and finals for sand volleyball and softball on May 22 and 23. All participants of intramurals receive a free t-shirt to remember their team by.

If students would like to have more intramural options, they can take surveys that are sent to students via their IMleague account. McDonald encourages students to take the surveys.

“It allows us to think about what we can do and facilitate that,” said McDonald.

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