McDonald’s displays student work

Students' work is displayed inside the Waverly McDonald's. A number of students submitted work to be chosen. —Chad Giebelstein/TRUMPET
Students’ work is displayed inside the Waverly McDonald’s. A number of students submitted work to be chosen. —Chad Giebelstein/TRUMPET

Three Wartburg students sent in artwork for submission to be displayed in the local McDonald’s in Waverly, student artist Megan Howe said.
Students included in this opportunity were Howe, Christa Kain and Lauren Matysik.
“It’s a unique opportunity for any artist, as you don’t get to see your work in the public very much,” Howe said.
The artwork on display is work the students once did in class.
“I think it got a lot more students excited about their work in class, as now they know that it could be displayed at places later in your life,” Howe said.
The idea of having these three students artwork displayed came about last spring when Dr. Barbara Fedeler, professor of art, told them they might be getting their work displayed next school year, Howe said.
“In 2010 when the Waverly McDonald’s was built, the owner, Sam Soifer, came to me as they were interested in having student work on display,” Fedeler said.
They first wa nted to purchase student work, but Fedeler wanted them to put in display cases and have various pieces of student work to display.
“Having the work at McDonald’s opens a wide variety of people seeing the work and people see this artwork is from students at Wartburg,” Fedeler said.
“Then they realize that they might want to encourage a family member to pursue art at Wartburg.”
Wartburg students are the only ones to get their artwork displayed in the cases which are located on the back wall between the main restaurant and the McDonald’s play place.
There are two individual cases for two-dimensional pieces and then two cases for three-dimensional pieces that can hold up to three pieces each.
The work displayed for two-dimensional is graphic design, photography, drawing and painting.
The three-dimensional work that is displayed is ceramics.
“There are some limitations, though, as to what can be displaye,d as there can be nothing controversial, which means nothing that could be sexually explicit, so everything is a PG rating,” Fedeler said.
Students don’t get any money for having their artwork displayed except they have the chance to put a price on their work, Kain said.
All students put a price on their work as it is required by McDonald’s for insurance reasons and also in case someone wants to purchase the work, but no one has ever purchased the work, Fedeler said.
Under each person’s nametag is her number in case people have further questions about the artwork.
“Having the artwork at the Waverly McDonald’s is a great opportunity for the students to have a free space to showcase their work,” Fedeler said.

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