New club is dancing its way onto campus

new club on campus
Jacob Tessmer, VP of the club, is practicing some of his break dancing skills. —Emily Novotny/TRUMPET

Hip-hop dancing is breaking its way onto Wartburg campus.

Jacob Tessmer and Daniel Chroust are forming Wartburg College’s first-ever break-dancing organization called Knight Time Motion.

The group has just began and was recently recognized as a student-led organization by Senate, Daniel Chroust, president of the organization, said.

“After going to the involvement fair and not seeing anything about break dancing, we thought ‘man there should be a club for this,’”  Tessmer, vice president of the organization, said

More students are beginning to show interest and “the W” has agreed to allow room for the group a couple times a week, Chroust said

The idea behind this new organization on campus was to bring something new and exciting to Wartburg.

The purpose is to allow a new way of expression through the culture of hip hop and dance, Tessmer said.

“Hip hop dancing isn’t something that’s usually found in Iowa,” Chroust said. “The dance itself is a cultural experience and is a popular thing to do worldwide.”

Angelo De Nubbila, a student from Columbia,signed up to be a part of the organization and is excited to try something new, he said.

“The city where I’m from is always filled with music so I have experience in salsa dancing,” De Nubila said. “Hip hop gives me the chance to continue dancing and also try something new. I’ve always liked to dance, so why not break dance?”

The group’s goal is to get every member on the same level of dance skill and with continued support, someday form a dance crew that performs.

Chroust and Tessmer have had experience in break dancing in the past by learning from friends that compete in break dancing and learning moves through high school swing choir.

The organization will start off with members teaching each other moves and then move to choreography, Chroust said.

“The goals for our new club this year is to educate people in break dancing and show everyone that it’s not impossible to do,” said Chroust. “Dancing is a great way of expression and is something we want to share with everyone.”

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Any kind of free style dance will also be practiced in the group and may also include salsa dancing in the future, Chroust said.

“The main idea is to learn how to dance,” said Tessmer. “We just want students to keep an open mind and try something new. Sometimes it’s a good thing when you get out of your comfort zone.”

The organization is open to all students and faculty on campus.

Chroust said that he hopes a variety of different people will join to add diversity to the group and form a strong member base for the organization.

“Who wouldn’t want to learn how to break dance?” said Tessmer. “It’s different and can be a lot of fun.”


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