New faculty award for scholarly material

Mark Biermann
Mark Biermann

This year Wartburg has started a new annual award that will be given to faculty to showcase their scholarly and creative activities, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty Mark Biermann said.

Wartburg already has awards given to faculty that focus on service and teaching, Biermann said.

“Faculty have three areas that they focus on which are teaching, scholarship and service and it just made sense to consider having a third award that recognized faculty scholarly creative activities,” Biermann said.

The Scholarly and Creative Activities Award (SCAA) is an annual award and is intended to honor significant scholarly and or creative accomplishment, whether in the scholarship of discovery, integration, application or teaching.

Biermann said writing a piece of music, creating a piece of artwork or doing research and having it published in a journal are just some of the things faculty can submit for the award.

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This award will benefit the school in that it recognizes faculty and staff who significantly contribute to fulfilling Wartburg’s mission, Biermann said.

For faculty to be considered for this award they have to submit their application by fall semester, then the faculty development committee will review the application and send in a recommendation to the Dean and the winner will be announced sometime in February, Biermann said.

In April, the winner will give a presentation of their research or project to the general public, Biermann said.

Lynn Peters, associate professor of Social Work and chair of the faculty development committee, said the award was brought to Wartburg’s attention by Biermann, who had success with it at his previous job.

The idea was presented to the committee before the beginning of the school year and they thought it was a great idea, Peters said.

“As a way of encouraging them and rewarding scholarship, the award includes a $1,600 stipend which can be used to continue their scholarly research,” Peters said.

While students don’t have a major part in this award, one way that students can be involved is helping a faculty member with their research or project, Biermann said.

“Good scholarship supports good teaching and we wanted to find some way in recognizing that at Wartburg,” Peters said.

Mostly the feedback that has been received has been from the faculty development committee and it has all been positive, Biermann said.

“Most of them are glad to have the opportunity to talk publicly about their work and what they do,” Peters said.

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